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After 14 years of service, 3 combat tours and medically retiring, I needed something that worked!

I joined the Florida National Guard back in 2002 and by 2005 was deployed on my first combat tour. Ha, some in the “Active military” might look at the Guard and Reserve units as posers or lower level units, and this is so not true. I spent 16 months in Afghanistan with both active and reserve units and could not distinguish a difference in the way each were performing the mission. It really is all about the training and how hard units work. Now without going into my other deployments on this first blog post I would like to introduce something that has really helped me to regain my life to a somewhat normal degree. CBD is really a savior for me. It has lowered my dependency on VA prescribed medications for both mental health and physical pain. I urge all who suffer from mental illness to talk with their doctors about the benefits of CBD. This is why I have chosen to start an online company with the focus to spread the word about CBD its uses and how it can really help all combat veterans and others who suffer PTSD or other mental illnesses.

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