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Emotional and Mental Triggers

Sometimes the slightest thing to one can be an emotional catastrophe to another. I have been on medication for PTSD and many other mental health issues since my second combat deployment in 2008. First it was the Army that started prescribing them. I would get a three month supply of narcotics and would pop them like candy. It did help the physical pain of my injuries but did very little to help with my emotional state of mind. The numbness it made me feel really did not put me in a good place. This is the testament of many of my brothers and sisters I served with. After transitioning out of the military the VA started taking over my medical care. The first thing they did was take me off my pain medication. Trust me quitting that cold turkey is not something I would recommend ever doing. I have spent years playing with different medication concoctions under the observation of my mental health doctors and finally found the best combination. Until I found CBD!!

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